RIP Richard Edmonds

Richard Charles Edmonds, 10 March 1943 – 23 December 2020

With great sadness we mark the passing of veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds. Richard had been treated for heart problems for some months now and at this time that is believed to be the reason for his passing.

Richard joined the National Front in 1974, went on with John Tyndall to form the British National Party in 1982, then in 2011 returned to the National Front as well as helping with various other nationalist and free speech organisations. Richard was the most committed nationalist and could always see positive in any situation. On several occasions Richard was physically attacked for his political beliefs and served time as a political prisoner.

Richard led a life of loyalty and commitment, was and still is an inspiration to thousands of nationalists and his life should be celebrated.

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  1. I first met Richard about 35 years ago. Richard Edmonds was one of the most committed Nationalists I have ever met. Just like his great comrade & friend John Tyndall, Richard gave his adult life to the cause.
    Wrongly charged and found guilty for an attack on a negro that he never did, Richard was sentenced and spent time in jail, luckily he shared a cell with Nationalist Simon Biggs who looked after Richard while he was in there.
    Myself and many others saw Richard as a mentor. During my times as a BNP Organiser through to my times as Chairman of the NF, I always saw Richard as a mentor. Only 2 weeks ago we had a lengthy telephone chat about the Royal family.
    I am devastated at today’s news and will really miss this great man.
    RIP Richard.

  2. Proud to have met him and spoke to him on many occasions especially back in the 1990s with the BNP.
    An incredible giant of Nationalist politics we will never see the likes of again.
    Once again he’ll be with his great friend John Tyndall once again!
    God Bless you Richard and Rest in Peace ❤

  3. Richard often visited Germany & Switzerland (where I live) and we had met several times at various nationalist events. Richard was a dedicated nationalist who also involved himself in European issues.
    I grieve at his passing. RIP Richard.

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